BAMBAM PUCKS are slidepucks for downhill skateboarding. Place them by velcro fastener, on every slideglove. The 5 integrated flints ensure a spectacular spark output while you touch the ground during you slide and delight any audience. You will feel even more like a rocket.

They are not just slide pucks! Apart from the visual beauty of our product, it impresses with its abrasion resistance, lubricity and durability. Our pucks survive much longer than conventional UMHW slide pucks.

In cooperation with a local Swiss plastic company, we tested for months different formulas until we decided for a very high quality and upstanding plastic. Our pucks surpassing anything previously seen on the market.

  • 2 Slidepucks, 5 flints each puck
  • Puck size: 80x16mm
  • Flint size: 10x13mm
  • Long durability
  • Enormous spark output
  • Hi-tech plastic formula for best icy glide

Leather Gloves

Our leather slide gloves are made for racing, hard and fast shredding, where your hand must be extra safe. They impress with high stability and durability. After years of downhill skateboarding we know, where the sensitive points of gloves are. We gave them extra protection with additional leather pieces. With our gloves, your fingertips, side of palm and thump are safe for a longer time. Additional soft pads make them extra comfortable. Perforation for fresh air supply is just one more feature. Some of the best downhill racers in the world give them full confidence. They know why, check all features:

  • Durable cow leather
  • Perforation for fresh air
  • Kevlar knuckle protectors
  • Extra strengthening of fingertip, side of palm and thumb
  • Extra soft pads for more comfort
  • Double seam at velcro fastener and strap
  • Spicy BAMBAM printing design
  • Sizes: S, M, L, XL
  • Colors: black-red

Fabric Gloves

Our fabric slide gloves are made for freeriding. With their fresh look they represent the summertime and the good vibes in this action sport. They are lighter than the leather gloves but still very resistant. The material is a very resistant synthetic leather roadside and four-way lecra on the upper side. You don't have to disclaim our typical strengthening on fingertips, side of palm and thumb. These are the specifications:

  • Durable synthetic leather roadside
  • Durable four-way lecra on the upper side
  • Extra strengthening of fingertip, side of palm and thumb
  • Extra soft pads for more comfort
  • Double seam at velcro fastener and strap
  • Perforated side of the fingers
  • Fresh BAMBAM printing design
  • Sizes: S, M, L, XL
  • Colors: yellow-black, blue- black, red-black, green-black

Bearing ABEC 9 Built-In

High quality steel Abec 9 bearing with integrated spacers and speedring ensure a fast change of your wheels. They are perfect for every need, racing or freeriding. They fit every normal longboard wheel and are made for standard 8mm hanger trucks. A set includes 8 bearing, enough for four wheels.

  • Spacer: Bult-In
  • Speedring: Built-In
  • Inner diameter: 8mm
  • Includes 8 bearing

Brake 4mm

Our brakesoles are very durable and sticking hardcore on the board. They're also named "Gripsoles". You don't have just the feature of protected shoe soles. Maybe you have to accustom you in the first run, but after that you realize, its a upgrade. On some asphalts and higher speed they produce smoke while braking and your opponents or friends 😊 need to breathe that. We call it the "EAT SMOKE" feature.

  • High durability
  • 4mm
  • Sticking hardcore on the griptape
  • EAT SMOKE feature

How to mount the brake:

  • Put glue on your shoe sole
  • Press the shoe sole for 5 minutes on the brake
  • Cut the overlapping of the brake along your shoe sole with a knife
  • Enjoy the features of BAMBAM BRAKE and let them EAT SMOKE