Bam Bam Brake

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Bam Bam Brake

from 25.00

Our brakesoles are very durable and sticking hardcore on the board. They're also named "Gripsoles". You don't have just the feature of protected shoe soles. Maybe you have to accustom you in the first run, but after that you realize, its a upgrade. On some asphalts and higher speed they produce smoke while braking and your opponents or friends 😊 need to breathe that. We call it the "EAT SMOKE" feature.

  • High durability

  • 4mm

  • Sticking hardcore on the griptape

  • EAT SMOKE feature

How to mount the brake:

  • Put glue on your shoe sole

  • Press the shoe sole for 5 minutes on the brake

  • Cut the overlapping of the brake along your shoe sole with a knife

  • Enjoy the features of BAMBAM BRAKE and let them EAT SMOKE

Prize variants

  • 1 Set 25.-

  • 2 Set 45.-

  • 3 Set 60.-

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