support and Team

Supporting, sponsoring and promoting are three big words in our sport. Every rider want to be sponsored by a brand and every event want to be supported. We know the sport is living from these things. For us it creates a lot of potential promotion and we try to be responsible. In the future and after a bigger growing process we also want to let this part grow bigger. At the moment we support small events like slide-jams, other local Swiss events and small freerides in Europe. We visit European events to bring our material to your event. When our income raises, our support also increases. We give, what we are able to give back to the longboard community.

Not just the events are supported, also some riders are sponsored. In every country we are making business, we try to create a team or to find a local ambassador. Depending on, how big the market is and how successful we are or will be. Of course we have mostly Swiss riders, where we are located, but also other nameable foreign rider enjoying our support and give full confidence to our products.

How to get event support
Please write us an email over contact with a event description and the support you would like to get. If we are able to support your event, we will do it.